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SwanLAgo (Swan Island) is based in trendy Los Angeles, we are a wholesale supplier of luxury products.  We design and create custom, signature luxury silk scarves for museums, non profits, luxury retailers, artists which promote their message and brand.  One of a kind, luxury, unique products which enhance lifestyles and images. 

We work with museums, fund raisers, designers, artists, luxury event planners, alumni groups and other organizations to create custom designs which align with their message and current exhibitions. Many of our clients use our luxury items for fund raising or to thank their donors.  Our products are also sold at high end establishments.  

We don't simply slap on a logo, we work with our customers to understand their focus and message. Then, our design team and manufacturers  (all around the world) work their magic to create a masterpiece!   

Voila!   A signature, one of a kind luxury product/s which you can proudly sell or gift to clients, customers and donors! 


We Wrap You in Elegance!



Maximizing the Value of Gifts To Donors 

Whether you are fund raising for a museum, non-profit or an alumni association, harness the power of gift-giving to effectively help you leverage support, further your mission and increase contributions to your cause.  Recognizing your donors' efforts helps build a sense of belonging, builds lasting relationships and strengthens their connection to your organization. Presenting them with a unique, one of a kind, luxury item such as a silk, custom scarf will help them remember you every time they wear it.   

Formulate a strategy for donor gift giving:  

Identify Target Donor Segments: Understand your donor base and create tiers/segments based on their interests, giving capacity, and preferences. This allows you to tailor your engagement strategies and appeal to specific groups, maximizing the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts. For example, with a recent university customer, we created 2 sets of scarves, one was pure silk and the other one was a silk blend.  This enabled our client to give the pure silk scarf to the donors who were giving larger contributions.  

Craft Compelling Messages: Develop compelling narratives that highlight the impact of your nonprofit's work. Tell stories that demonstrate how donations and volunteer efforts directly contribute to positive change. Use various channels, such as social media, newsletters, and events, to effectively communicate your message. While working with the City of Los Angeles, we collaborated with a resident of a homeless shelter to create the Maya scarf and captured the story in the hangtag attached to each scarf, it told a compelling story of transformation.    

Provide Different Giving Opportunities: Offer a variety of giving opportunities to accommodate donors with varying capacities and preferences. This could include one-time donations, monthly giving programs, sponsorships, and major gift initiatives. Ensure that the giving process is convenient, transparent, and secure.

Create Personalized Engagement Plans: Tailor your engagement strategies to the interests and preferences of individual donors. Send personalized communications, provide updates on the impact of their contributions, and involve them in specific projects or events that align with their interests.

Recognize and Acknowledge Contributions: Recognize and acknowledge donors and volunteers for their contributions. Show appreciation through personalized thank-you notes, public recognition, or small tokens of gratitude.

Foster a Culture of Giving: Create an environment within your organization that values philanthropy and giving. Instill a sense of purpose among staff, volunteers, and board members, emphasizing the importance of their collective efforts in achieving the organization's mission.

Continuously Learn and Adapt: Regularly assess your fundraising strategies and outcomes, seeking feedback from donors and volunteers. Analyze data to understand trends, donor behavior, and areas for improvement. Adapt your approaches based on insights gained to maximize the impact of gifts and enhance donor engagement.

Remember, strategic analysis and cultivation of relationships are key to harnessing the power of gifts for donors in museums, alumni groups and non-profits.  IT WORKS!




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Calabasas, CA

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