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Wear History! (How to transform a 1913 skylight into a luxury scarf to increase sales)

In a recent product launch, we were asked by a client to look at an amazing glass skylight built in 1913 by Walter Horace Judson and come up with a luxurious product to capture the essence of the dome.

The rotunda at the National History Museum (NHM Los Angeles) is a prominent architectural element of the museum. The dome is adorned with a beautiful stained glass skylight (see below), and the rotunda serves as a central hub for visitors to explore various exhibitions and galleries.

The museum's rotunda and dome provide an impressive and welcoming space for visitors to start their exploration of the natural world.

Iconic rotunda which inspired our unique design
Stained Glass Rotunda at the Museum

We reviewed this beautiful snippet and icon of history and came up with a couple of silk scarf options for our client. We wanted to capture the essence of the design but felt the design may be too dark hence we took some artistic liberties to come up with our version of the silk concoction, see below.

We create custom silk scarves which become collectibles.
Luxury silk collectible scarf.

Our clients wanted more of an interpretive representation of the museum centerpiece hence we went back to the drawing board and presented the version you see below. This design represents represents the 'Wear History' theme. It's a one of a kind, unique, luxury product which serves as a reminder of the museum and the rotunda. These luxury scarves can be used to thank donors and also be sold in the museum gift stores. They are a limited edition, collectible gift item which can be changed as exhibits change.

At, we design and create custom, signature luxury silk scarves for museums, non profits, luxury retailers, artists which promote their message and brand. One of a kind, luxury, unique products which enhance lifestyles and images.

We work with museums, fund raisers, designers, artists, luxury event planners, alumni groups and other organizations to create custom designs which align with a message and current exhibitions. Many of our clients use our luxury items for fund raising or to thank their donors. Our products are also sold at high end establishments.

We don't simply slap on a logo, we work with our customers to understand their focus and message. Then, our design team and manufacturers (all around the world) work their magic to create a masterpiece!

Voila! A signature, one of a kind luxury product/s which you can proudly sell or gift to clients, customers and donors!


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