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Custom collectible scarves for fund raising?

Nestled amidst the bustling city of Beverly Hills, California, lies a hidden gem of natural beauty and historic significance: the Virginia Robinson Gardens. This botanical wonderland, once the private estate of Virginia Robinson, is a testament to her love for horticulture, flora and fauna. For more information about Custom collectible scarves for fund raising, read the blog:

Custom collectible scarves
Custom collectible scarves

Virginia Robinson Gardens, also known as the Robinson, was established in 1911 when Harry and Virginia Robinson purchased the 6.2-acre property. Virginia, a passionate gardener and an influential figure in Beverly Hills society, dedicated her life to transforming this once arid land into a lush paradise. She employed renowned landscape architects and garden designers, such as David MacLaren and Paul Howard, to help her create an exceptional garden that boasted a wide variety of plant species from around the world. The estate's unique design blends Italian, Spanish, and Mediterranean influences, creating a harmonious blend of natural beauty and architectural elegance.

After Virginia Robinson's passing in 1977, the estate was left to the County of Los Angeles, with the stipulation that it must be maintained and preserved as a public garden for future generations to enjoy. However, preserving such an intricate and expansive garden comes with significant financial challenges, including the cost of maintaining its rare plant collections, historic buildings, and infrastructure.

Fundraising plays a pivotal role in maintaining the Virginia Robinson Gardens' legacy. Over the years, various fundraising events, including garden tours, galas, and educational programs, have contributed to the garden's upkeep. However, in the modern age of philanthropy, finding innovative ways to raise funds is essential.

SwanLAgo has worked with the Friends of Robinson Garden, a fund raising committee with the creation and sale of silk custom scarves. These scarves are not just accessories; they are one of a kind collectibles and wearable works of art that depict the beauty of the gardens in intricate detail.

Custom collectible scarves
Custom collectible scarves
  1. Limited Editions/Exclusivity: Our scarves are produced in limited quantities, creating a feeling of exclusivity and desirability among supporters. Our 2023 scarf, limited edition was called the Tiffany Blue Haired Lady, see above.

  2. Fundraising Events: The scarves are introduced during special fundraising events, where attendees can purchase them as a token of their support for the Gardens.

  3. Unique Appeal: The scarves offer a unique and tangible way for supporters to connect with the gardens. They become wearable symbols of their commitment to preservation.

  4. Community: The scarf wearers create a community by wearing their scarves to various events and showcasing their solidarity for the mission of the garden.

  5. Financial Gain: The revenue generated from scarf sales contributes significantly to the garden's ongoing maintenance and expansion, ensuring its long-term sustainability.

Custom collectible scarves
Custom collectible scarves

Virginia Robinson Gardens stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of passionate gardeners and the power of community support. By harnessing the beauty of silk custom scarves, the Gardens have found an innovative way to connect with donors and ensure the continued preservation of this historical oasis. As we admire the scarves and the gardens they represent, we are reminded that the fusion of art, nature, and philanthropy can create a lasting impact for generations to come.


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